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BtoB meetings

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Participate to the btob meetings and boost your business

The BtoB Meetings event brings together visitors and exhibitors, Marine Energy sector professionals and experts, seeking business or technological collaborations.

It’s a quick and easy way to meet potential partners for your future projects.

Business to Business meetings happen every 30 minutes, enough time to build connections for follow-up discussions. At the end of each meeting, the bell rings and the next talk starts !


Main Reasons to participate

  • Identify potential international partners for future cooperation projects
  • Meet targeted companie and decision-makers
  • Receive a personal meeting schedule according to your availability
  • Establish new contacts for long term business relationship

1. How to book meetings ?

  1. Register here >
  2. Log on to your personal account profile
  3. Search for other participants interesting profiles
  4. Click the button “Book Meeting” to request a meeting with them. You are free to customize this request with a specific note only visible by the recipient.

Bookings are assigned on the “First Come – First Served” principle. The more you wait, the higher is the possibility that interesting profiles will already be fully booked.

3. Where can I see the meetings I requested or I received ?

You access then to your personal dashboard, then click on the tab “Meetings”. You see all the meetings:

  • you requested (Own)
  • you received (Guest)
  • their status: waiting / accepted / cancelled

If a meeting is accepted, you could always access to details by clicking on blue button “Show booking”, and modify it.

2. How to deal with the requests for meetings you received ?

  1. You will receive an automatic email informing you about the person (organisation’s name and person’s contact) who wants to exchange with you.
  2. Click on the weblink of this company to CONFIRM your bilateral interest.
  3. Or click on CANCEL now to turn the meeting down.

4. When will I receive my personal B2B meetings schedule ?

A few days before the event you will receive your personal meeting schedule (furthermore you can constantly check your meeting schedule online).

Preliminary agenda : 6th of June 2018/ Final agenda : 8th of June 2018 at 12 pm.

This meeting schedule gives information about the time, the number of the table and who you are going to meet.

5. During the the event

Our staff will be at your disposal during the whole matchmaking event.