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National Research Council of Canada, Program Leader, Marine infrastructure, Energy & Water Resources

Risk Reduction: Towards More Reliability | DAY 1 | 5:05-6:30pm

Dr. Cornett is a Principal Researcher and Program Leader with the Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre of the National Research Council of Canada, where he leads a multidisciplinary program of technical R&D focused on improving the durability and sustainability of marine infrastructure, advancing the technical and commercial performance of marine renewable energy technologies and improving water resource modelling and management capabilities across Canada. He has over 30 years of experience in developing, conducting, leading and supervising engineering research to meet stakeholder needs in coastal, ocean and river engineering, including many studies involving assessment of wave and tidal energy resources and improvement of marine energy technologies. As Adjunct Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa, he supervises thesis research, mentors graduate students, and develops productive R&D collaborations with the academic community. He contributes to the development of standards for the marine energy industry through TC 114 of the IEC.