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Envigour Policy Consulting

Chair & Speaker: Building the Blocks of Investability: Market Supports | DAY 3 | 10:30- 11:45am

Bruce Cameron is former Executive Director Electricity, Renewables and Efficiency with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. Following his retirement in 2016, he became Principal Consultant for Envigour Policy Consulting Inc.  Envigour in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, serves clients with diverse needs for strategic energy policy advice; stakeholder engagement, and economic opportunities, particularly from projects that support sustainability. Over the past 2 years, Envigour has carried out work for clients in the following areas: energy data collection and management for accountability and innovation; carbon pricing, efficiency financing, strategic market analysis for New England and Atlantic Canada electricity markets, and strategic global growth opportunities in the Atlantic Canada Cleantech sector. Envigour is partnering with ITPEnergised and Ocean Pixel to prepare a report on marine renewable energy markets in Asia. Mark Leybourne is an Associate Director with ITPEnergised in Bristol, England, which has extensive experience in analyzing and advising on the wave and tidal sector in Europe and Asia. Michael Abundo is Managing Director of OceanPixel in Singapore, which serves clients on marine renewable energy developments in Southeast Asia.