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Mersey Consulting Ltd, President

Uptake from Regions: Americas and Asia | DAY 1 | 5:05-6:30pm

Craig Chandler is a professional engineer with over 20 years of technical and project management experience in renewable energy and regulatory compliance. Craig’s technical focus is Marine Renewable Energy, specifically the development of the in-stream tidal energy conversion projects. Craig has a passion for marine renewable energy and the opportunities it presents for climate change action and clean economic growth. Craig is currently working with two berth holders at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) to develop their Environmental Effects Monitoring Programs (EEMPs) and help guide the projects through the required permitting processes. This includes design of the EEMPs, evaluation and selection of sensors, and preparation of regulatory submissions. Craig is also co-owner of small-scale in-stream technology development company that is currently designing and permitting a demonstration project in Nova Scotia. Through his previous work for an international professional services firm, Craig evaluated supply chain opportunities presented by local and global marine renewable energy markets and analyzed potential benefits based on government policy and regulatory frameworks. Provided recommendations for government strategy development.