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Cyril GIRY

Energie de la Lune, Oceanographer

Silent Springs: Interactions with the Ocean World | DAY 2 | 10:30-11:45am

After a PhD Thesis at MARUM, University of Bremen, Cyril has worked since 2012 at Energie de la Lune – engineering firm in applied oceanography for Marine renewables. In charge of all technical and scientific aspects in this company, Cyril has coordinated several R&D projects in the field of marine renewables and wrote specifications for the tidal estuarine test site SEENEOH. Since this test site is now operational, he is responsible for assessing the environmental imprint of tested turbines (i.e., hydrodynamic, sediment dynamic, acoustic, collision risks…).
Collaborating with bask and spanish fellows allows for transfering scientific expertise to both tidal and wave sectors.