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SABELLA, Project Manager

Chair: Operating in the cruel sea: Installing, Inspecting & Maintaining |DAY 1 | 11:00-12:30 Silent Springs: How Best to Perfom Environmental Assessments | DAY 1 | 5:05-6:30pm Operating in the Cruel Sea: Learning and Planning | DAY 1 | 9:20-10:35am

Diane DHOMÉ is a project manager at SABELLA, a French company developing a tidal turbine technology. She followed engineering studies at the École des Mines de Nantes, France, with a specialization in energy systems, confirmed by a Master of Sciences in Sustainable Energy Systems from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. After one year working as energy project manager at DCNS, she decided to study one more year at the Specialized Master in Marine Renewable Energy at ENSTA Bretagne. She then joined SABELLA as a project manager in 2012, where she is especially in charge of D10 project, marine operations, tank tests and energy storage.