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BESSE, Deputy Director of the industrial & services business unit

Risk Reduction: Lessons Learnt | DAY 1 | 3:25-4:40pm

A lawyer by training, François Renelier has acquired a specialization in the field of civil liability and contracts, both in private law and in public law.
He was first insurer, in charge of the Department of Civil Liability Claims at GERLING.
In 2001, he joined Bessé in the industrial & services business unit.
He became senior account manager, analyzing the risks of Bessé’s clients, establishing a dedicated insurance plan, particularly in the area of the Civil Liability and All Risks Building / Assembly-Testing, to place them in the insurance markets, whether they are risks located in France or developing internationally.
François Renelier is now Deputy Director of the industrial & services business unit. Among his duties, he is in charge of managing the Bessé MRE division, made up of a multidisciplinary team, bringing together specialists in technical insurance and maritime insurance, as well as engineers with expertise in both energy and technology. for construction and marine projects.
Bessé advises in this context for many actors in the French MRE sector, at all levels of the contractual chain: design offices, designers / manufacturers, installers and operators, being involved in all EMR technologies (fixed wind power, floating wind power), tidal stream, ocean thermal energies and wave energy)