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MaREI, Senior Research Fellow

Big Data & Knowledge Management (part 2) | DAY 3 | 11:55am-1pm

Gerry is a Senior Research Fellow at MaREI (marine and renewable energy Ireland), University College Cork, where he leads the Coastal Dynamics and Marine Systems thematic area. Gerry’s primary degree in Marine Biology combines with a subsequent 10 year professional career in Hydrography. Since gaining an M.Sc. (2002) in GIS and coastal seabed resources, and a Diploma in Applied Project Management (2004) he has continued to instigate and manage a large portfolio of research projects in the marine resources and offshore renewables space. He currently manages the MARINERG-i H2020 project have previously managed the MARINET FP7. Gerry was instrumental in developing the MARINERGi concept and continues to play a leading role in it’s ongoing journey towards the ESFRI roadmap and ERIC status.