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Giacomo POLITI

Trinity College Dublin, PhD

Tools for the Industry: Turn Them On! | DAY 2 | 4:45-6pm

Giacomo is born in Fiesole on the 8th of February 1990. He has got his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, in the University of Florence writing his thesis on the characterization of a heaving buoy with a piezoelectric device for the wave energy harnessing, where he got his passion for offshore renewable energies and in particular waves.
Having the chance to keep going in this direction, Giacomo has attended his 1 year MSc in the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), where he had the chance to develop his skills in different projects, as well as working on his MSc Thesis, on the more general application of piezoelectric materials to wave energy converters, taking as a case study the application of different types of vibrant piezoelectric devices on a hollow steel heaving sphere. A solid contribution to his formation has been participating in the Sustainable Engineering Group Project, that has seen the research development of a multipurpose floating renewable platform.  The most forming experience of Giacomo’s education though has been due to his great opportunity to work in the danish company “Floating Power Plant” as an intern for the 8 months prior to his enrollment in the ICONN project where he is at the moment.