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UCC, Economics Engineer Marine Ocean Renewable Energy

Combining Solutions for a Wider Market | DAY 3 | 11:55am-1pm

Dr. Dalton is an Ocean Renewable Energy Economics Engineer, a staff member of MaREI Research centre, UCC, Cork Ireland. His specialty is techno-economics, socio-economics and business plans.
Gordon is the lead coordinator of the BG5 Maribe H2020 project www.maribe.eu. The Maribe project is a CSA project, spanning 1.5 years, €2M funds, and 10 international partners. The Maribe project proposal gained a review score of 14/15. The Maribe project has a wide selection of partners, including FAO from the United Nations and BVG associates.
Gordon was also the lead coordinator of the H2020 Geri4-2015 proposal ‘Gendering’. The project received 14.5/15, and attained ‘Reserve’ status. The project will be resubmitted in 2016.
Dr. Dalton is chair of the International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (ICoRSA), consisting of 14 member associations, and a research network of 0.5 million researchers globally. Gordon is the lead coordinator in a 2016 Cost Action proposal ‘SECURE’. The project has 20 countries as secondary proposers. Gordon is the chair of the Irish Research Staff Association (IrishRSA http://www.irishrsa.ie/ ) and the Vice Chair of the Cork Branch in UCC (www.ucc.ie/en/rsa ).
As a mature student, Dr Dalton completed a degree in electronic engineering in Trinity College Dublin 2002, and a PhD in Australia in renewable energy economics in 2007. Prior to the pursuit of an engineering career, Dr. Dalton had a career in dentistry spanning 12 years.