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Jean-Christophe ALLO

SABELLA, Commercial Director

Flagship from International Projects | DAY 2 | 8h50-10h05

Jean-Christophe ALLO graduated from Mines Nantes engineering school with management and energy projects skills in 2010. He then got a post-master degree in marine renewable energies.

He joined SABELLA in 2012 as project manager. He was in charge of the construction of the D10 nacelle. In parallel, he took the responsibility of all hydrodynamics studies and site characterization. In 2014, Jean-Christophe started to take the lead on the business development of SABELLA in order to promote its insular energy model. He is now commercial manager and promotes marine current turbines, identifies potential interesting sites internationally and manages resource assessment studies.

He is, in parallel, involved in the long-term strategy of the company and represents SABELLA in several organization, such as OEE and SER.