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Jean-François SIMON

Hydroquest, CEO

Technologies getting wet: Tidal | DAY 2 | 10:30-11:45am

Jean-François Simon is an Ecole Centrale engineer (France), and  a MBA UCLA graduate (USA). He has spent several years overseas, mainly in the USA and in South Africa. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and is an expert in international business development. He leads several companies, including Hydroquest, is a Director and former President of Inovallee, the Grenoble Hi-tech Technopark. A few years ago, Jean-François Simon has decided to create Hydroquest with associates, putting together a highly competent team, with the ambition of becoming a world leader and of making a contribution to the future world energy challenges. Thirty years of business development, both in industry and services, finance and management.
Also elected member of the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and of other bodies concerned with business development.
Jean-François Simon is fluent in English and has some knowledge of German and Spanish.