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Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers, Founder

Building the Blocks of Investability: Funding Leverages and Opportunities | DAY 2 | 3:10-4:25pm

Joao Cruz co-founded Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers (CA) in 2015. After over 15 years in the marine renewables sector, Joao has unique industry experience having worked for leading technology developers, large engineering consultancies and investment firms.  In the first 2 years at CA, Joao has led over 65 projects and now manages a team of 5 engineers solely dedicated to wave, tidal and floating wind projects.

Prior to CA, Joao spent 7 years at DNV GL, where he started and led the wave energy consultancy business, being involved and managing over 200 projects. Joao is also the editor of the 2008 textbook ‘Ocean Wave Energy’ (Springer-Verlag), one of the leading references in the field, and the co-editor of the 2016 textbook ‘Floating Offshore Wind Energy’ (Springer-Verlag).

Joao has a PhD and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from IST – Technical University of Lisbon, and an MBA from the University of Bath.