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Jochem WEBER

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Chief Engineer of the Water Power Program

Metrics: Showing What We Can Do | DAY 1 | 9:20-10:35

Jochem Weber is Chief Engineer of the Water Power Program at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado, USA. Jochem holds degrees in mechanical engineering (design), physical engineering (fluid & system dynamics) and a PhD in modelling and optimisation of wave energy converters.  He has over 25 years of scientific and corporate work experience in research, technology development and engineering in self-employment, small, medium & large enterprises with 19 years of research technology development of ocean wave energy converters and 5 years as Head of Research at Wavebob. Jochem has developed an understanding of the technological, methodological and corporate challenges of developing economic viable wave energy converter technology and has developed tools, methods and strategies to overcome these.