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Manche Department has been amongst the first supports for tidal energy projects development in Western Normandy. This new and challenging venture gave local governments and administrations the opportunity to work together in order to provide the best services for the ocean energy sector.

Synergies are still to be built within the ocean energy and more globally, within the renewable energy sector. Stakeholders working on cutting-edge technologies are also building an exciting economic and human adventure. Human, mankind is at the heart of local authorities’ projects, whose missions have a social purpose.  Social aspects need to be considered widely: occupational integration, culture, youth.

We provide all our skills to promote and help the development of ocean energy in order to support key stakeholders. Our privileged relationship with the channels islands are also at the heart of the tidal energy potential in the Alderney Race. This is a real opportunity to build bridges and try and solve new challenge, related to tomorrow’s energetic model on islands and isolated areas.