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Associate Director, ITPEnergised

Building the Blocks of Investability - Market Supports | DAY 3 | 10:30-11:45am

Dr. Mark Leybourne is an Associate Director in ITPEnergised’s offshore renewable energy group, based in Bristol, UK. He studied at the University of Southampton, completing an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering and an Engineering Doctorate in the modelling, testing and development of a wave energy converter.

Mark works across a range of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy projects, providing technical, engineering, policy and strategic advice to both public and private clients. After joining the consultancy 10 years ago, he now leads the company’s international offshore renewable energy work, with a strong focus on Asian markets such as those in China, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines and Korea.

Mark is currently leading a tidal energy project in China that will provide the design of a 500kW turbine to ITPE’s Chinese partners who will manufacture and supply the turbine to China Three Gorges. In addition to his activities in Asia, Mark has recently worked on European tidal energy projects for Morlais, PTEC and Minesto and he is currently leading the third-party engineering advisory work for Wave Energy Scotland’s novel wave energy converter programme.