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Bureau Veritas, Subsea and Ocean Energy Market Leader

Building the Blocks of Investability: Rising the Level of Confidence | DAY 2 | 4:45-6pm

Olivier Benyessaad  is the Subsea & Ocean Energy market leader within the Marine & Offshore Division of Bureau Veritas. When Olivier got his engineering degree in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering at the French Engineering School ENSTA Bretagne in 2009, he joined directly Bureau Veritas as structural engineer working on Offshore Oil & Gas installations and dealing with corrosion, fatigue and strenght issues.
He was then in charge of the Risk & Safety services managing a team of risk engineers working on various innovative offshore projects.
Olivier is member of the Technical Committee (TC114) of International Electrotechnical Commission IEC62600 on wave, tidal and other water current converters and he has been recently appointed President of the french miror committee UF 114. Olivier is also very active in new technologies development for both Oil & Gas and Marine Renewable sectors.