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Zhaoqing YANG

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Chief Scientist

Silent Springs: Finding and Designing a Site | DAY 1 | 3:25-4:40pm

Dr. Zhaoqing Yang is a Chief Scientist at the Marine Sciences Laboratory of the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Dr. Yang’s research covers broad areas related to estuarine and coastal processes, including marine renewable energy, hydrodynamic and transport processes in estuaries and coastal seas, effects of storm surge and anthropogenic disturbances on coastal infrastructure and ecosystems, and carbon cycling in coastal wetlands. Dr. Yang’s recent research interests primarily focus on resource assessment of tidal-stream and wave energy and modeling the impacts of extreme events and human activities using an integrated modeling approach. Dr. Yang leads PNNL’s modeling effort on resource characterization and assessment of environmental impacts of tidal-stream and wave energy development, and the effects of storm surge and sea level rise on coastal infrastructure and ecosystems.