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Ocean Energy in Insular Conditions

Date: Monday June 11th
Times: 2:30pm to 6pm
Location: SNCF Room – 1st floor “Centre des Congrès”
Organiser: Ana Brito e Melo – ana@wavec.org – Tel: +351-218482655 / Cell: +351-917546154

Description: This workshop looks at the opportunities and barriers to local adoptionof ocean renewable energy in islands communities from the perspectives of various stakeholders and thepossible solutions to address the challenges.  It also tackles the crucial roles of the different stakeholders that each has to play to contribute to the uptake of ocean renewable energy in insular regions.

Annex IV Task  

Date: Tuesday June 12th
Times: 9am to 12 :30pm
Location: CUNARD & SPECIAL Rooms – 1st floor Centre de Congrès
Organiser: Andrea E. Copping, PhD. – andrea.copping@pnnl.gov – Tel: +1 206.528.3049 / Cell: +1 425.750.1956

Description: The workshop brings together marine renewable energy (MRE) researchers, developers, and other stakeholders to discuss ways to “transfer” data, information, and learning on environmental effects of early MRE projects. Applying data transfer will help reduce the high costs of environmental monitoring and accelerate consenting for future projects. The workshop will focus on refining best management practices for data transfer and collection consistency, building on information collected from MRE regulators. To register, email Mikaela.freeman@pnnl.gov.

ETIP student-brokerage

Date: Tuesday June 12th
Times: 9am to 12pm
Location: CUSTOMS Room – 1st floor « Centre de Congrès »
Organiser: Leonore van Velzen – lvanvel@ed.ac.uk – Tel: +44 (0)131 650 5594

Description: ETIP Ocean is organizing a student/company brokerage. This event provides an opportunity for students and companies to connect, where both parties can investigate potential for the academic theses, internships and jobs. The event will present the status of the ocean renewable energy sector, followed by presentations from young professionals working in this sector. Please follow the link to register for this event: www.etipocean.eu/events/student-company-brokerage-event-at-icoe2018

Launch of MONITOR tidal energy blade reliability project

Date: Wednesday June 13th
Times: 1pm to 3pm
Location: CUSTOMS Room – 1st floor « Centre de Congrès »
Organiser: Carly Tait – The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) – carly.tait@emec.org.uk – Tel: +44(0)1856 852 204

Description: The MONITOR project is investigating the reliability of tidal energy converters and aims to develop tools to improve device reliability.  The workshop will focus on computer, lab & sea modelling and VMEA/economic outputs.

Launch of the Edinburgh Wave Systems Simulation Toolbox

Date: Thursday June 14th
Times: 10:30 to 11:30pm
Location: CUNARD & SPECIAL Rooms – 1st floor « Centre de Congrès »
Organiser: Dr Richard Crozier,  E-Drive project – University of Edinburgh – R.Crozier@ed.ac.uk – Tel : +44 131 650 5605

Description: Introducing a new toolbox primarily designed for the simulation of wave energy converters, but also containing general purpose components useful for simulating a wide range of systems, including advanced multibody dynamics, electrical machines, hydraulics, and wave-body interaction. Optimised for batch processing and runs in both Matlab and Octave. Open to all ICOE attendees. Free!